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5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Replacing Your Old Radiator

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Replacing Your Old Radiator

There are plenty of reasons to consider replacing your old radiators with new ones. For instance, if you’re renovating your home, it might be a good idea to replace your old radiators to give it a fresh new look.

Newer radiator models are usually more efficient as they operate at comparatively lower temperatures while also enhancing the aesthetics of your room to complement the overall space.

With a whole range of designer radiator options available at The Radiator Factory – from classic traditional models to high-end contemporary designs; we have an excellent selection of branded radiators offering top of the line designs, thermal properties and efficient energy usage. 

Be it aluminium or stainless steel, we have a range of materials to suit any modern home.

Why Replace My Old Radiators?

Usually, replacing old radiators with new ones is a small part of a bigger renovation project but at times, it could be a smaller part of your home such as the bathroom.

When your old radiators are rusty, damaged or no longer complement your brand new interiors, it is time you start looking for a replacement.

When to Replace Old Radiators?

Summers are perfect for removing old, outdated radiators and replacing them with new, sleek designer models. Since the weather is warm, you won’t miss not having a heating system which means you can get a new radiator installed in no time.

If you undertake this project during the winter, you’re going to feel a lot more pressure in getting them installed as quickly as possible.

This could lead to the selection and installation process being rushed, meaning you won’t get the best possible heating solution for your home with the sense of urgency influencing your decision.

Replace old radiator; rusty coloured radiator mounted on the wall
CRU Horizontal Column Radiator available at The Radiator Factory

Which Radiators to Choose?

If replacing your old radiator impacts all the rooms of your home, we recommend you concentrate on the main living areas that are frequented the most. Ideally, these rooms are more spacious which means radiators that offer great heat outputs will be preferable. Multicolumn radiators or something similar would be the best option here.

For your bathrooms, the heating requirements are comparatively lower. Here, our heating experts recommend going for a classic towel warmer, although there are more options than you can experiment with.

Add a touch of style with a towel radiator available in a variety of colours with a unique finish and texture.

Browse through our radiator collection to find something great for your home!

How to Calculate the Right Heat Output?

For you to find the perfect radiator for your home, it’s important to understand the output requirements you need to maintain comfortable temperatures in all the rooms. 

For this, you need to take into account a number of factors like:

All these aspects influence the amount of heat you need to keep your room warm. We highly recommend seeking professional advice from heating technicians who can calculate your heating requirements correctly.

This will also enable you to right-size your new radiator efficiently.

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CRU-CURVED COLUMN BAY WINDOW RADIATOR available at The Radiator Factory

Spatial Considerations

You’ll also need to take into account the space where you plan to install your new radiator. Keep in mind that the existing layout and positioning of the pipework of your old radiator might not work for the new one.

Consult the heating experts at The Radiator Factory where we can help you figure out how you can effectively install a new radiator with minimum disruption to your existing structure.

Spatial considerations take even more precedence when looking at installing bay window radiators. Here, it is critical that you correctly calculate the width and height of your radiator to complement the curved or angled space under your window perfectly.

Contact The Radiator Factory for Expert Heating Solutions

When choosing a new radiator for your home, be sure to select options that align with the interior design of that particular space. Since modern homes are all about aesthetics, choose designer radiator models that complement your space beautifully!

Replace your old radiators with new, efficient ones today by exploring our collection!

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