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Made of stainless steel, every designer radiator offered by Aeon boasts exceptional heating prowess along with elegant aesthetics.
Since our entire collection of Aeon radiators are made using high quality stainless steel, they can be easily polished or brushed to perfection to suit your preference!
While boasting an incredible selection of efficient yet stylish designer radiators, the heating units offered by Aeon capture the true essence of quality heating. Moreover, these radiators look stunning in every room and offer amazing heat output.
Whether you’re looking for vertical floor mounted radiators or an elegant Aeon towel rail, The Radiator Factory has got you covered.
Browse our extensive range of Aeon designer radiators and place your order today!

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Cosy and Warm

Many people mistakenly assume that radiators are just radiators and basically all the same, nothing could be further from the truth. One manufacturer that certainly stands out from the crowd is Aeon. Aeon radiators are simply breathtaking in appearance with quality and performance of the highest order. All radiators from this particular manufacturer are made from 100% stainless steel to ensure their looks never diminish over time. Stainless steel although relatively expensive is an ideal material to construct quality heating units from, not only for its obvious aesthetic benefits but also for its functional attributes from a heating perspective. The Aeon model from the Radiator Factory that is currently attracting the most interest at the present time is the Capadoccia designer range and whilst being minimal in style will still fulfil all your heating requirements. This particular model is usually installed quite high up on an interior wall, not only does this free up some valuable floor space but also projects an orderly and stylish environment. This unit, although perhaps more bathroom orientated can still add an element of style to any room in the house. Two adjectives that the manufacturer uses for this particular model are gentle and generous, although these are not terms you would usually associated with heating systems there is a poetic truth in their description. If you require any further information about this model please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone or e-mail.

Modern and Minimal

If you are looking for the latest in technology but in a minimalist style, Aeon radiators could be what you have been looking for. In terms of style there is surely no rival to the Captiva model, the thought that went into this design is obviously quite staggering and looks to be modelled on some South East Asia bamboo structure converted into very much a 21st century design. The Captiva comes in a range of sizes to fit your homes exact specifications and includes (in ascending size order) the Captiva 18, Captiva 24 and Captiva 30. Please consult a qualified heating engineer or plumber for assistance in selecting the correct size. Perhaps the most exclusive model available from Aeon is the Speira 120 designer radiator, there is only one term befitting such a unit and that is, amazing. This particular unit would not look out of place in a gallery of modern art; it really is a breathtaking structure. Although this particular unit is relatively expensive it still represents excellent value for money for the more discerning customer, the design has attracted worldwide attention and it is surely only a matter of time before this very special radiator graces the halls of the rich and famous throughout the world. Even if you reside in a tropical country and don’t require any heating this model would still compliment the existing d้cor! For details regarding this model and the suitability for your particular property please do not hesitate to contact us.

A Touch of Class

In common with an exclusive designer wardrobe, a quality designer radiator also lends some class to the person or the environment where it is situated. It is hard to place the feeling but when you spend a not too insignificant amount of money on something and you get real quality it does improve your feelings of self worth considerably. People have always been able to tell the difference between generic DIY flat packs and high quality heating units such as Aeon radiators. This is especially relevant in regard to an office environment where meetings with potential investors are held, they will also be able to see the thought and effort you have put into the d้cor for your commercial premises and this reflects upon you as a business owner. First impressions really do count, so whether you want a touch of class for your home or a sophisticated corporate style for your office the Radiator Factory have all the solutions you could ever require. A home is probably the most significant investment an individual will ever make in their lifetime so it makes sense to furnish it to the best of your capabilities, this does not only mean a fitted kitchen or three piece suite but also the radiators. Installing or refurbishing any central heating system is a process that needs a lot of thought and if you buy something unsuitable just to save a few pounds you may regret it in the long run.

Aeon Radiators

As previously mentioned the installation of a heating system requires a great deal of thought and above all careful attention to budget. The Radiator Factory is committed to bringing customers the best quality systems for the lowest possible price. From time to time we do run promotions which offer a number of special offers as well as seasonal discounts and trade concessions. Please ensure you keep on coming back to our website for the latest news, you never know the heating system you had your eye on and was just out of reach budget wise may feature in our special promotions, bookmark this page now! The model currently on offer from this enchanting collection is the Zephyr; this stunning unit is available in a range of sizes and finishes and can be delivered within 2-3 days. Please contact us for upto the minute prices as well as details about any other offers which may be of interest to you. For those fashion conscious consumers who want more than something a little bit special than the standard designer range the Aeon Millennium really is worth a look. Long, low and luxurious it is specifically designed for seating underneath windows, for a nominal additional fee we can install a made to measure glass top with LED light that transforms your living space into something completely different at night. This particular model is much in demand so please enquire at your earliest opportunity to ensure a timely delivery.

Affordable Luxury

The Radiator Factory was formed as a result of a growing number of people who were tired of the same old heating units on offer in every heating store throughout the country. We ourselves were tired of the limited selection available and the over inflated prices that customers were obliged to pay for something relatively ordinary. We identified the need for a company who supplied the finest quality Aeon radiators at a price people were willing to pay or perhaps more importantly could afford. Developing relationships with a number of manufacturers and persuading them to let us stock their goods was a long and sometimes difficult process but judging by our business growth in the last 12 months the effort was more than worthwhile. Radiators would not be the first thing you think of when thinking about the online shopping revolution, but this area, like all others, has grown substantially and is set to grow even more in the coming months and years. Rising fuel prices and soaring parking charges have all contributed to the downfall of traditional high street shopping and their loss is certainly our gain. What could be easier than shopping from the comfort of your own home or office? No traipsing around, no delivery windows, just a straight forward process with the highest quality products delivered directly to your door within a few days. Contemporary products obtained in a contemporary way, what could be easier?

Quality products available online

As previously mentioned the online shopping phenomenon is here and here to stay and at the Radiator Factory we are positively embracing this new technology. We are constantly updating and improving our website in order to make shopping with us as seamless and as stress free as possible. Should you notice anything amiss whilst browsing our website we would be extremely grateful if you could contact us. The internet, as we all know is prone to the occasional lapse and although our technical team are amongst the most experienced in their particular field, sometimes things are missed. The real beauty of online shopping is that a potential consumer knows exactly what they want, how much it is going to cost and when it will be delivered. This is in contrast to the high street where prices and Aeon radiators availability are limited and delivery is more often than not a rather expensive process where the delivery dates are variable to say the least. Ordering your products from the Radiator Factory could not be easier, simply select the product required, pick the size and finish using the drop down menus and add to basket. You will then be directed to a page where we require a few details such as delivery address and telephone number; upon completion you will be directed to our secure payment page where you can complete your order. The confirmation and status of your order will be sent directly to your e-mail address, in the event of any difficulties we will of course try and contact you through e-mail and telephone.

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