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Those of us who own a designer piece of clothing will know how it feels to wear, not only does it look a lot better than your average off the peg creation, it also feels better, those whose dwelling contains designer radiators will also be able to relate to this feeling. Everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their life, something a bit special should not only be available to a privileged few but to everyone. You probably have no qualms in buying designer perfume or aftershave the same should apply to your house or office as well. Fixtures and fittings for the home or office have always been available at a wide range of locations from a wide range of retailers but the manufacturer and supply of designer radiators is still something of a specialist niche. Here at the Radiator Factory we have wide range of classic and contemporary styled heating systems and no matter what style you require we are sure we have something for you, simply browse our website or call us for further information, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Heat with Style

Designer Radiators

If you have taken the time and money to source that ideal contemporary living space it only makes sense that your appliances are of the same genre. Big bulky products from many years ago would simply look out of place in cutting edge minimalist surroundings; conversely cutting edge technology would look out of place in a 1950’s style terraced house. Here at the Radiator Factory we are committed to finding you the right heating system for the right environment. Along with our designer radiators specific knowledge our experienced team also have a wealth of experience in regard to interior design considerations. You can be sure that when you contact us you will be receiving advice and suggestions from the true professionals, we are simply unrivalled in our field. You needn’t just take our word for it, one phone call or e-mail is generally sufficient for people to gauge our expertise, our phone lines are open now and our e-mail enquiry system is accessible 24 hours a day, you will find our contact details at the top of our homepage.

Elegant Design

Out with the Old, In with the New

Are you bored of looking at the same old heating units? Do they look out of place in comparison to your entertainment systems and decor? If so the time has definitely come for change. We receive literally hundreds of enquiries per day form people like you asking as to the feasibility of designer radiators, the answer is simple, although our range is of the modern genre there are many styles to choose from, one is sure to compliment your own particular office or living space. We recognise the need to provide a collection of heating units as diverse as our client base which is why our buyers are constantly scouring the globe in order to bring you the greatest choice of designer radiators available anywhere. If you have seen something on your travels that really grabs your attention please, please tell us, we actively encourage our customers to express their ideas; our business would become stale without their vital input. Please call or e-mail us with any suggestions you have, we’d appreciate it.


Eco Friendly

All our products are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible; wherever possible we have requested that energy saving elements be incorporated into the overall design. Although this is not always possible the manufacturers know that they are more likely to win our business if they incorporate a number of green guidelines into their business strategy. We realise that the world is changing at an alarming rate which is why we do all we can to reduce the impact that our designer radiators have on the environment. If you are generally used to the older style of heating units you will truly be amazed at our sleek and stylish collection, the first impression that people usually get is the difference in size and shape. We are currently attempting to source some alternative shapes aside from the usual rectangular shape, we wondered why there weren’t a greater choice of shapes available, after all offices and homes vary in shape so why not designer radiators? Our range is being updated all the time so please check our website regularly for the latest additions.

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