Stainless Steel Towel Rail Radiators

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Stainless steel radiators

There are few things as crisp, clean and eye catching as stainless steel and this is more than amply illustrated by our brand new collection of heating units. Although stainless steel is rightly highly regarded for its aesthetic qualities the quality of the material far outweighs any other advantage. With something as important as your heating it really does pay to obtain the best quality units that money can buy and if you can find that little bit more it really will pay dividends in terms of longetivity. Something that captures the eye as effectively as this very special metal is extremely hard to find and compares, at least in looks, to exquisite jewellery. If the unit is intended for an office space or a meeting room this will really tell your potential client something about you as an individual and the type of business you represent, as anyone in business will tell you first impressions count and the impression that a quality piece of engineering such as this will portray would surely be very favourable. Our collection of radiators are sourced from a multitude of manufacturers and suppliers whose attention to quality and detail matches our own so you can be sure of a quality product at the lowest price. Regarding our manufacturers, we ensure that they follow strict quality control procedures and every product is tested and retested prior to being dispatched. All our products are available in a variety of styles, colours and finishes; please call before placing your order to assess availability. Our most popular finish by far is our anthracite finish which combines a fusion of shade and style to compliment almost any decor.

Contemporary and period styles

As Europe’s no 1 purveyor of radiators we must try our hardest to supply products that appeal to almost everyone and although that is a hard feat our constantly expanding range gives the vast majority of people a viable choice. Our architectural range is starting to achieve national acclaim and is going some way in increasing the popularity of stainless steel radiators with the number of pre sales enquiries stretching our sales team to breaking point but we have incorporated this into our business strategy and hope to increase our sales team in the coming months to cope with the anticipated demand. As the saying goes, ‘A mans houses is his castle’ and a castle should be furnished in exactly the manner the King requires which is why we supply a number of both contemporary and period styles, across the board our range of period style radiators are becoming more fashionable and whilst people like the classic look, they realise the internal technology is modern and this is obviously a real plus! Our range of Altima radiators combine all the best features of a heating system and whilst available in a number of styles the cutting edge design of the Altima horizontal is surely a major buying point for those who demand the highest quality in combination with a groundbreaking innovative design concept. The Altima range is generally regarded as the leader in the field of modern heating and is popular with many companies whose forte lies in the provision of contemporary living to largely but not entirely design conscious young professionals and examples of which can be seen in many fashionable bars and restaurants in trendy up and coming areas.

A business solution

The Radiator Factory aside from providing individuals and businesses with the latest in stainless steel radiators also provide resellers with the opportunity to sell the products to their own customers. We operate a variety of trade only deals that enable established companies to resell our designs to a number of customers including real estate companies and TV reality shows as well as their individual contacts. The reason we are so successful is chiefly because of the quality of our designs in conjunction with a low price. Another perhaps more significant factor in our ongoing success is our previously very satisfied customers passing on our details to their friends and colleagues, as every marketing executive will tell you, there is no better form of promotion than a word of mouth recommendation. No amount of media marketing campaigns can compete with a customer testimonial and as everyone will testify, good news travels fast. Conversely, bad news travels even faster so we pay the utmost attention to every single customer and not just the corporate clients,’ everyone is treated with the same level of customer service whether they purchase a bulk order of our most expensive radiators or a simple accessory. To conclude, we have the most comprehensive range of heating units and accessories available anywhere, we are determined to keep on improving and keep on increasing our product range, it is this strategy which we believe will keep us in business for years to come and maintain and retain a regular client base which in our view is the key to long term business sustainability. The Radiator Factory, your one stop shop for all your heating requirements and associated accessories.

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