Cast Iron Radiators

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Cast Iron Radiators

The Radiator Factory has an extensive selection of cast iron radiators available in a comprehensive variety of sizes and finishes to match the colours and contours of your home or place of business. Whether you are in need of a large nine-column radiator to warm an expansive space at work or something smaller for a bedroom at home, we have a radiator that meets your needs in stock. Our radiator range is affordably priced and you can purchase our cast iron radiators here on our website or make an appointment to visit our showroom in Leicester.

Radiators should harmonise and blend in with the colour schemes, contours and curves of the interior spaces which they warm whilst creating an attractive focal point. The aesthetic properties of a radiator selected to warm a particular space are therefore very important and with our broad range of cast iron radiators you are sure to find the perfect look for your home or place of business. We offer a wide variety of radiator designs with something for every home or workplace, from sleek contemporary designs to designs of a more traditional nature, like our Edwardian and Victorian period style radiators.

We have several Edwardian and Victorian style radiators in stock with sizes and finishes to suit all commercial and domestic properties. These premium radiators include our Chatsworth Edwardian cast iron radiators which are available in four-column and six-column models. Favoured by consumers and industry experts alike, these award-winning radiators are of a simple style yet add a touch of class to any room or space in which they are fitted. Our Chatsworth Edwardian cast iron radiators are cast in Europe and hand-built at our factory in the East Midlands to provide you with a premium radiator that meets your every expectation.

Of our most popular period and traditional style radiators, our Rococo radiators have proven one of our customers’ favourites. Rococo, or ‘Late Baroque’, is an artistic style from the 18th Century that influenced many of the arts at the time, including architecture, decoration and interior design. This premium cast iron radiator features elegantly scalloped detail with an interwoven decoration that makes for an attractive focal point in any home or office. It is available in a wide array of finishes to complement and harmonise with the colour schemes of any interior space, including antique, full polish, hi-light, painted and primer.

Among the more decorative radiator designs we stock are our Cherub and Daisy models. Our Cherub cast iron radiator is intimately ornate and features cherubs, dragons and lions entwined together with vines interwoven throughout the beautifully decorated pattern. Available in several finishes, including a full polish finish that highlights the intricacies of its exquisite decorations. Our Daisy model is another elegant cast iron radiator with a design that has evolved over the years to be used with hot water systems. It features daisy decorations flowing from top to bottom and like all our radiators it is guaranteed to meet our customers’ high expectations.

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