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Radiator Valves

In life, it is often the smaller components of things which are the most important. Without a good set of valves, your home radiators will not function at all and will effectively be useless. The Radiator Factory stocks a wide range of valves to match up with whatever style of radiator you have at home. If you need to replace your valves, at least you will be able to find a set that keeps the interior of your house looking great. These valves are important because they divert the water that is pumping through your home’s central heating system to the areas that require heating up. A radiator valve will send hot water to your radiators or to the hot water cylinder depending on which thermostat is saying that it needs heat. Without these handy components, your heating system will be lacking a crucial element of control and your system will fail. Leaving out these valves will be like taking away the steering column from your car. The basic system will be there but you will be unable to use it. So, to be sure that the boiler and each radiator in your house are able to produce the desired amount of heat, you should install good radiator valves in your heating system. You should also check your valves frequently to make sure that they are functioning well and do not leak. If there is something wrong, then you will need to replace them to make sure that your house is heated effectively. You should notice if your valves need replacing easily as your house will not be heated as well as before. Fortunately, these little radiator parts are not expensive and are easily found here at The Radiator Factory.

Thermostatic Valves

To further improve your heating system’s efficiency, you can look into installing some thermostatic valves for your radiators. These valves, often called TRVs, control the flow of hot water to the radiator and thus control the temperature of the room itself. Installing these components in each room will be similar to installing an actual thermostat. However, you should not install a TRV into a room that already has a thermostat installed since the two will work against each other. Although TRVs are useful, they are not to be installed at random. Like any complex system, your home heating network should be carefully thought out. Thermostatic radiator valves, where the acronym TRV comes from, are a great addition to your rooms but cannot be placed everywhere. After you have purchased a set of valves from The Radiator Factory, it might be a good idea to talk to an expert to find out where you can install them. In fact, any maintenance work on your heating system should be done by an expert unless it is a simple process like bleeding your radiator. The term bleeding simply means letting the air out of your heating system to increase its efficiency. This is done by allowing the hot air that naturally builds up inside the pipes to escape through a radiator valve. If your radiators are acting up, it may just be that you need to bleed the air out of the system. However, if it still does not work to its maximum efficiency, you may need to replace the valves themselves. Talk to an expert before you even attempt this though. Rushing blindly into home repairs like this can lead to you damaging your radiator or injuring yourself. If you do need a new valve, have a look at the selection on these webpages for one that matches your home heating system.

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