Curved Bay Window Radiators

Curved column radiators and towel rails are one of our specialities at The Radiator Factory.

With an extensive collection of designs available on our website, curved bay window radiators not only add a unique touch to your home but also make for a bold style statement.

Whether you’re planning to install an eco-angled or round top curved column radiator, the curves on these heating systems are softening and alluring, adding a bold touch to any model. Paired with the style and energy efficiency that our heating units are imbued with, our collection of curved designer radiators are constantly evolving and growing.

Choose from our extensive collection of angled radiators and place your order today!

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Design for life

Imagine a world where everything was the same or very similar, wouldn’t be very interesting, would it? Here at the Radiator Factory we realise that variety really is the spice of life and this is reflected in our new range of curved radiators. Not everyone lives in or indeed wants standard fixtures and fittings for whatever reason be it personal taste or design considerations. We are particularly proud to be associated with the manufacturers who produce cutting edge designs to fit every specification, we constantly have our fingers on the pulse and endeavour to bring you, the customer, the latest designs at the lowest possible price. Because of our extensive network of manufacturers and wholesale suppliers we are able to source the latest in home heating haute couture before they even become publicised. If you take the time to browse our website you will witness a refreshing alternative to the standard fare on other websites and on the high street. We take the time to check the latest developments in the design world and if we think something would be viable we suggest our new ideas to the manufacturers, this is in contrast to many wholesale suppliers who are only interested in the here and now with no consideration for changing trends and tastes. Our range of curved bay window radiators will be, we hope, just the start of things to come and you can look forward to a plethora of new designs over the coming months and years.

A life less ordinary

There has always been a constant pressure throughout all societies to conform to their norms, what we ask is: why should you? If you want something a little bit different or want to approach something in a different way you should be free to do so, as long as no one is hurt what is the problem? We fully embrace the culture of diversity and our range of curved radiators boldly states this. Of course, certain designs are simply not appropriate for certain places but if an opportunity does arise to try something different we would encourage people to grasp the opportunity with both hands. The most successful people in history are renowned for their non conformity, examples of this could be best illustrated by the NASA team who put the first man on the moon and if these pioneers had listened to certain quarters they would not have even got off the ground leave alone on the moon. Although our range of products are not quite as ground breaking as the realms of space travel we like to think we do our bit to promote the latest technology whatever field it may be in. Curved radiators also known as Bay windows radiators have attracted a lot of interest both from potential customers and in the media and if market forecasts are to be believed are due to increase in range, availability and design selection in the near future.

Curved radiators

Your interior design plans have been finalised and you have set a budget aside for your renovation or new build, where do you start? The majority of people especially in regard to heating systems will probably start by searching on the internet and although this is a good source of information it does not always guarantee the quality of the product or the customer service received. Investigating a company’s credentials is not always as simple as it seems, it makes sense to call the company in questions and ask a few pertinent questions, from their answers you can usually ascertain whether they are a reputable company and how long they have been trading. If you are in any doubt as to the background of a company the companies’ house website is usually a good resource and from the information detailed you can assess their suitability for your particular needs. At the Radiator Factory you will know from your first phone call that you are dealing with the ultimate professionals, our products along with our expertise is second to none, you simply will not find a more dedicated company anywhere that is fully tuned in to your needs. If you require a professional service in regard to your heating requirements we suggest you bookmark this page and add it to your favourites, although we specialise in curved radiators we also are well versed in all things radiator related and could certainly do a job for you whatever that may be.

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