Stainless steel vs aluminium radiators; The Radiator Factory's Aeon Clipper Stainless Steel Radiator

Stainless Steel vs Aluminium Radiators – Which Is the Better Choice?

Stainless Steel vs Aluminium Radiators – Which Is the Better Choice?

While radiators come in all shapes, sizes and designs and are available in a variety of materials; stainless steel and aluminium are typically the top choices for radiator materials.

However, when it comes to selecting the best designer radiator for your home, how do you decide between stainless steel vs aluminium radiators? 

Here, understanding the pros and cons of each type will help you decide on the best branded radiator that meets all your heating and aesthetic requirements.

At The Radiator Factory, we’ve put together a short guide covering the features of stainless steel and aluminium radiators to help you make your decision between the two.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Stainless Steel Radiators – All You Need To Know

Stainless steel is a robust, conductive and durable material, making it a solid choice for every type of radiator. Although sharing properties similar to mild steel, this material is a slightly superior choice amongst the two. 

With its anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-stain properties, stainless steel is one of the best materials for radiators. The many attributes of stainless steel mean one thing – this material is built to last. 

Additionally, stainless steel is a great conductor of heat, meaning your radiator will keep the room warm long after the heat is turned off. Moreover, the easy clean nature of stainless steel means that more often than not the only maintenance they need is a simple wipe of the cloth

Aluminium Radiators – Are They A Good Option?

Similar to steel, aluminium is an efficient conductor of heat, making it one of the best materials for a radiator. Its thermal conductivity is much more than that of mild steel, making it a very popular choice amongst energy conscious homeowners.

The eco-friendly nature of the material along with its heating ability makes aluminium radiators a great choice for those looking to live sustainably. These radiators heat up quickly and effectively radiate heat across the room.

Moreover, since aluminium is a lightweight material, if you’re considering self-installation, it is the perfect choice for you as it can be moved around and installed easily. 

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Pros And Cons of Aluminium and Stainless Steel Radiators

Although sharing similarities, both materials have their pros and cons. This means that either one of them could prove to be the better choice for your home.

Stainless steel vs aluminium radiators; The Radiator Factory's Aeon Maze Stainless Steel Radiator

Stainless Steel Radiators

Advantages –

  • Stainless steel is a high-quality material and a good conductor of heat
  • It won’t rust and is corrosion resistant, making it a good long term choice
  • The material sports a modern and aesthetic look making it suitable for any home

Disadvantages –

  • While stainless steel radiators heat the room effectively for a longer period, they take more time to heat up and cool down
  • Although highly robust, stainless steel radiators do need maintenance and checking, just like all other radiators

Aluminium Radiators

Advantages –

  • Aluminium is a great conductor of heat and will effectively warm the room
  • Aluminium radiators are known for their durability and robustness
  • Due to their efficiency, aluminium radiators are very eco-friendly
  • While being sturdy, aluminium is also lightweight, allowing you to easily position your radiator 

Disadvantages –

  • Aluminium radiators cool down as quickly as they heat up
  • If you have a big room, you might need to install a bigger size or multiple compact aluminium radiators for effective heating
Stainless steel vs aluminium radiators; The Radiator Factory's FF80 Midi Horizontal Radiator

Stainless steel vs Aluminium Radiators – Which One Comes Out On Top?

Although each material has its own unique benefits, they are both popular for good reason – the advantages both materials possess outshines any minor negatives.

With effective heating, maintenance and modern aesthetics, these radiators serve as a great choice and are trending across different types of homes.

If you’re still unsure about which to pick, a stainless steel radiator is typically the more straightforward choice, particularly if you live in a colder part of the country. At the same time, if you want better efficiency and prefer an eco-friendly option, aluminium radiators are perfect for your home.

Depending on your home’s heating requirements, both typically serve as equally great choices for every modern home and fully depend on your own preferences.

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While aluminium and stainless steel are without a doubt some of the best radiators available on the market, there are many other options for you to choose from!

From cast iron and flat-panel radiators to column radiators and towel rails, at The Radiator Factory, we have it all.

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