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Towel Rails – A Stylish Way of Heating Your Bathroom

Towel Rails – A Stylish Way of Heating Your Bathroom

Over the years, towel rails have garnered quite a bit of attention as one of the most highly coveted, effective and stylish radiators.

Although they were initially seen as a luxury accessory (and still often are), these radiators have emerged as a favourite heating addition ideal for every home.

While towel rails for bathroom heating are very effective, these types of radiators also add a beautiful element to your home. Their luxurious appeal and variety in designs make them a sophisticated addition to your bathroom.

At The Radiator Factory, we have put together a short guide that’ll walk you through the essentials of these radiators before you install one.Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Rye Stainless Steel heated Towel Rail

Towel Rails – All You Need To Know

Towel rails radiate heat in your bathroom to keep the space warm and cosy. 

Serving as a great alternative to traditional bathroom radiators, towel rails keep your bathroom toasty, to whatever your desired temperature.

Furthermore, our heated towel radiators take it a step further – not only do they maintain ideal temperatures but also keep your towels heated. After all, who doesn’t like warm and soft towels waiting for them?

Moreover, when it comes to efficiency during the colder months, based on the size of the rails, these radiators regulate the temperature by sufficiently heating the space.

Choose The Radiator Factory to find a suitable and safe towel rail for your bathroom. Our advanced radiators not only have sleek designs but also have various budget-friendly options to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your home.

How Do They Work?

Electrical towel rails require electricity to operate – with an on/off switch you can easily use them whenever you need. 

The other variant of towel rails has a plumbed system that works with your central heating. While they can be isolated to work on their own, you’ll require a heating technician to make the necessary changes for you. This makes an electric towel rail a better and hassle-free option for your bathroom heating.

That said, when it comes to turning off the heat, a plumbed towel rail automatically goes off with the central heating system. For an electric towel rail, however, you need to turn the fuse switch button off – it’s that easy!

Moreover, since a towel rail is used for your bathroom heating, based on the available space, you can find a suitable radiator that seamlessly fits in any wall or free space.

Midi Square Stainless Steel heated Towel Rail

The Right Towel Rail Fit

A towel rail is effective in heating a space effectively, that is if it is right-sized. For a small bathroom, a compact towel rail would work well whereas a bigger towel rail is ideal for spacious bathrooms.

To ensure your bathroom is heated well, you need to consider the size and amount of space available. The Aeon T-Bar Stainless Steel Radiator would work great for smaller areas, it's classy design and storage option makes it effective in utilising the available free space. Moreover, the heat it provides works great for the size of the bathroom.

Similarly, Mezzo Quadro is a perfect fit for bigger bathrooms. This stylish towel rail sports a contemporary look and radiates heat effectively.

Furthermore, based on the possible heat loss that occurs in your bathroom (depending on the size and number of windows), you need to select a towel rail that will meet your temperature requirements. Models like Midi Square Stainless Steel, Aeon Trogon or Solea Towel Rail are other options you could consider.

A towel rail that is too big for the available space may increase the upkeep costs, while a smaller version for a bigger space won’t effectively radiate the required heat. Make sure you’ve looked at all the available options before you settle on one model.

At the Radiator Factory, our extensive range of towel rails allows you to find the perfect fit for your bathroom heating. Check out our collection here.

Bespoke Style And Designs

When it comes to towel rails for your bathroom heating, functionality is an important aspect to consider. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that your towel rails need to be ordinary and plain.

Towel rails come in various customisations and aesthetics, making them no less than a style statement for your bathroom. A huge advantage that these systems have is their effective heating and contemporary looks; these towel rails instantly elevate your overall bathroom interiors.

At The Radiator Factory, our towel rails fall into three different aesthetic categories:

Contemporary Style Rowel Rails

Stainless Steel Towel Rails

Victorian Style Towel Rails

Based on your design requirements, you can select a bespoke towel rail that meets all your heating and aesthetic needs.

Reina Nola heated Towel Rail

To Sum Up

Luxurious and functional towel rails are a great choice for bathroom heating. They’re budget-friendly, stylish and help keep your bathroom warm and comfortable.

Adding a towel rail makes your bathroom a better and cosier space, making them a must-have for your home.

The Radiator Factory For Bespoke Towel Rails

If you’re looking to find the perfect towel rail for your home, at The Radiator Factory, our extensive range of heating solutions allows us to provide you with the best towel rail that meets all your bathroom heating requirements.

Our expertise and quality products make us one of the best in the heating industry. Check out our full range here

For a bespoke quote get in touch with us at 0116 260 9257.

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