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The Do’s And Don’ts of Radiator Positioning

The Do's And Don'ts of Radiator Positioning

While a designer radiator from a well-known brand adds to the functionality and aesthetic of your living space, positioning it correctly can make all the difference.

Since efficiency is one of the most important factors when it comes to radiator heating, placing your radiator correctly can help distribute heat evenly throughout your home, without having to tweak the temperatures every now and then.

Installation is a crucial part of deciding the effectiveness of a radiator. Whether you’re doing it on your own or seeking the help of heating technicians, installing the radiator and positioning it correctly can help you leverage the heat provided fully.

That said, at The Radiator Factory, along with supplying bespoke radiators, we also offer advice and tips on radiator installation and placement positioning. We have put together a short guide to help you with the do's and don'ts of radiator positioning.

Without further ado, let’s take a look.

RTC – ROUND TOP CURVED radiator positioning

1.  Do – Place Your Radiator Below A Window

There’s a common misconception about placing radiators below windows – people believe that the heating system has less efficiency not to mention, a considerable amount of heat loss occurs.

This isn’t true; radiators that are positioned below windows target the cold drafts that come in, thereby making sure your room stays warm. Through this, heat is evenly dispersed across the room, further maintaining the warm temperature.

Moreover, bay window radiators like CRU Curved Column, RT Eco Angled, or the RTC Round Top Curved are compact and will fit seamlessly below your window.

2. Don’t – Position It Near The Curtains

A radiator is an excellent heating system that is sure to prove beneficial for your home. However, by keeping it in an open space, you ensure that your radiator is leveraged to provide functional heating.

That said, by having curtains near your radiator, there’s a high possibility that the radiated heat might get trapped or absorbed by the curtain. This means that the heating system will take a longer time to warm the space.

Moreover, as the time to heat up your room increases, your energy bills may also be affected. The key takeaway here is to keep your radiators away from the curtains to ensure good heating and reduced energy bills.

3. Do – Consider Spacing Before Investing In A Radiator

Selecting a great radiator that’s functional and aesthetic is a smart idea. However, keeping the available space in mind is crucial to find the right radiator fit.

Since a radiator can easily be positioned in any available space, looking out for the best places to fit it in while taking into account the dimensions, will help you select the best radiator for your home.

Moreover, based on your preference regarding the minimum distance or gap between the radiator and the wall, you can consider fitting a radiator on the wall or simply place it on the floor.

For example, with walls that have less space, models like Fitzrovia-2 Vertical Column will work great. Similarly, if you’re installing a towel rail in your bathroom, based on the size of the space, selecting an appropriate model can ensure efficient heating without increasing the costs.

Fitzrovia vertical positioned radiator
trogon stainless steel towel radiator positioning

4. Don’t – Hide The Radiators In The Corner Of Your Room

Traditionally, radiators have always been placed in corners of the room or near windows; their simplistic and bulky design makes them stand out distinctly in the room. However, with the introduction of various new models and designs, you don’t need to hide them in the corner of the room anymore.

From elegant contemporary designs like Aeons Trogon Stainless Steel and DQs RT Vertical, there are many bespoke radiators that can be placed in prominent places. Their sleek design and modern aesthetic make them an impressive style statement in your home.

Moreover, the various materials and textures used for these designer radiators allow you to select a stunning heating system that will elevate the visual appeal of your home.

5. Do – Keep Your Radiator Obstruction-Free

Placing furniture, plants or other elements in front of your radiator blocks the heat emanating from the system; this means that your radiator may take twice as long to warm up the room. 

Since a longer time period means extended use of your radiator, your energy-bills may be affected. By making sure there are no obstructions in front of your radiator, you can rest assured that your modern heating system effectively heats your room without taking too much time.

Additionally, the less time the radiator is on means you can conserve energy and save on your bills.

Contact The Radiator Factory For Expertise On Radiator Positioning Do's and Don'ts

The positioning of your radiator is a crucial aspect in deciding the effectiveness it brings to the table.

At The Radiator Factory, along with a bespoke supply of branded designer radiators, we offer advice on radiator installation and positioning so that you can leverage your heating system to the most.

Check our collection of designer radiators here, and contact us to find the perfect radiator for your home.

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