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Column Radiators

The Radiator Factory is one of the largest suppliers of modern and classic radiators in the UK with an extensive collection of column radiators in stock. We understand that everyone appreciates living in comfort all year round and our wide range of premium radiators offers affordable, aesthetically pleasing heating solutions for all commercial and domestic environments. Whether you are in need of a new radiator for a small office at your place of work or a large living room at home, we have a column radiator in stock that will not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

Radiators are ideal heating solutions for the colder months of the year, but they are also aesthetic additions to the spaces they warm and should be selected for their output and their appearance. The colour scheme of the space in which the radiator will provide radiant warmth is very important, but you should also take into account the contours and curves of the space when making a selection from our wide range of premium column radiators. We understand the need for radiators to complement their surroundings and believe that this trend is reflected in our extensive range of first-class radiators.

We proudly provide a selection of radiators that offers something for every space, from subtle radiators that you will barely notice upon entering a room to modern radiators with distinctively curved lines you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Our Cru-Slalom column radiator with its inimitably curved lines reminiscent of the graceful path of a slaloming skier is an exquisitely designed radiator, one that is as effective as it is attractive. This elegant high output column radiator is available in three widths and your choice of configuration with a ten year guarantee to further enhance its appeal.

For something subtler, though no less efficient or reliable, our Cassius radiators could be just what you are in need of as a heating solution. We have two Cassius column radiator models in stock, both of which feature smooth, clean lines that make them aesthetically pleasing additions to modern homes and offices. The vertical model is the larger of the two and with its sleek design is as much of a focal point as it is an efficient heating solution. The horizontal model also features clean lines but is a smaller model that perfectly blends into any commercial or domestic environment.

We also offer bathroom towel rails to keep your bathroom blissfully cosy in winter and your towels dry and ready for use. Our Cru-Bath towel rail is a smart high output column radiator that adds a touch of class to contemporary style bathrooms. Practical, stylish and stunning to behold, it is available in two widths. We make it easy for our customers to buy premium column radiators here on our website and at our showroom where our extensive collection of radiators is displayed. If you would like to visit our showroom in Leicester, please contact us beforehand to make an appointment.

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