features of vertical radiators; a flat vertical double radiator from Reina fits perfectly against the neutral tones of a home

5 Key Features of Vertical Radiators That Sets Them a Class Apart

5 Key Features of Vertical Radiators That Sets Them a Class Apart

From contemporary and sleek designs to sophisticated traditional models, vertical designer radiators are becoming an increasingly popular choice in many homes. With luxury radiators reflecting a personal style in every modern home decor, it's important to explore and understand the various benefits and features of vertical radiators.

Since decorative designer radiators are in vogue now, more than ever, the options available on the market are more than varied. However, in all these variations, vertical radiators often top the list as the most sought after heating solution in modern homes. 

Available with different features, material, sizes and colours; there’s no dearth of variety in the world of vertical radiators. This means you receive premium quality designer radiators that are not only efficient but also stylish and aesthetic.

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old radiators with a classy new one, then at The Radiator Factory we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve discussed key features of vertical radiators that set them a class apart from their alternatives.

Let’s take a look!

Key Considerations Before Choosing a Vertical Radiator

Before you decide whether vertical radiators are good or bad for your home, there are a few things you should take into account.

Firstly, work out the BTU requirement (British Thermal Units) you need to effectively heat your home. Once you determine this, choose a vertical radiator model that delivers the same amount of heat output as your required BTU.

Secondly, ensure that you take correct measurements of the space where you wish to position your radiator. Depending on the available space, you can then choose a radiator that will be suitable for the specific room. Accurate radiator sizing is key to effective and efficient home heating, so ensure you double check the numbers. 

Now that you have a better understanding of your radiator requirements, you can proceed to choose a style and design that complements your home’s interiors and uplifts your overall aesthetics.

Key Features of Vertical Radiators

Tesi runner vertical column radiator with its sleek modern design and wavy design

1. Optimal Use of Available Space

If you are particularly proud of your home and what you’ve done with its decor, then you will appreciate the additional space that a vertical radiator installation brings to the table. Check out this Tesi Runner vertical column radiator with its alluring curves for example!

Old and bulky radiators tend to render a space unusable whereas with vertical radiators, you can achieve space efficiency. When debating about vertical vs horizontal radiators, the clear winner is the sleek vertical one simply because it helps you optimise your space.

2. Doubles Up as a Heating Rack

By installing vertical radiators in your home, you’ll find that there’s more to them than their sleek and decorative design. They are highly practical and can be used as a heating rack to dry clothes or as a stylish towel rail.

Depending on the functions and use you want, you can ask the heating experts at The Radiator Factory to suggest practical solutions. This Imperium Chrome Radiator from Ultraheat is the perfect blend of style and dual functionality.

It’s insulating effect is unparalleled as the chrome finish helps you save up to 50% heat.

features of vertical radiators; the koha towel radiator from DQ doubles up as a heating rack to dry clothes
TRC 25 vertical radiator in shades of sky blue adds a pop of colour in a modern home done in neutral shades

3. Modify and Enhance the Overall Look of Your Room

One of the key benefits of vertical radiators is that you can use it as a statement centrepiece in your home. All you have to do is choose a colour that contrasts stylishly with your decor. Why not grab attention with this azure TRC 25 vertical radiator?

Given the versatility of these nifty vertical heating solutions, there’s a never ending variety available in varying colours, sizes and shapes.

Browse through our designer radiator guide to find the perfect fit for your home.

4. Heat Output at Par with a Traditional Horizontal Radiator

Vertical radiators are just as useful and pragmatic as their horizontal counterparts, if not more! Their heat output is at par with horizontal radiator designs and since vertical models are positioned upwards, the distribution of heat is more rapid in a room.

Upon comparison, you’ll find that vertical heating systems warm up a room more quickly than traditional radiator heaters. Given their popularity, you’ll find sleek designer radiator brands at competitive prices on our website!

features of a vertical radiator; a floor to ceiling white
The compact and stylish Arche Vertical radiator with a right-handed towel rail

5. Complements Your Personal Preference and Style

With such amazing and varied radiator features, the one size fits all approach is a thing of the past. With the sheer range of designs available today, you can choose a system that complements your home’s theme and decor.

If you want to achieve the perfect minimalist look, explore compact and sleek designs like this Arche Vertical piece. For a modern home, experiment with bright and bold radiator materials and finishes. If you like to keep things simple and traditional, choose a neutral palette that is heavy on muted tones to achieve the perfect complementary look.

Choose the Perfect Vertical Radiator Today for Your Home!

At The Radiator Factory, we believe in doing your research before you invest in a new luxury radiator. The points highlighted above are a good place to start when exploring the world of vertical radiators.

Browse through our comprehensive radiator collection and discover the perfect heating solution for your home today.

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