Ultraheat Klon Horizontal traditional Radiator

5 Designer Alternatives To The Traditional Radiator

5 Designer Alternatives To The Traditional Radiator

Radiators are no longer just about heating your home. They have evolved to accommodate and uplift your home’s decor in a manner that reflects your personal style. With modern designer radiators now readily available, you can be as contemporary as you want to make a style statement.

Thanks to technological development, at The Radiator Factory, we now have cost-effective and energy-efficient versions of traditional radiators to cater to your heating needs. If you are looking for traditional radiator alternatives that are sleek and lightweight, we have an array of options for you.

We’ve picked our favourite bespoke designer radiators that’ll brighten up your living space while adding a whole new dimension to your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Let’s take a look!

Ultraheat Klon Vertical Radiator

1. Ultraheat Klon Vertical Radiator

If you are looking for a contemporary design that not only looks great but also offers a remarkable heat output, then the Klon vertical radiator is the perfect alternative to your traditional radiator. Ultraheat’s Klon range is one of the latest models taking the market by storm thanks to the wide range of finishes available. 

Available in white, chrome, grey and black, this radiator offers a marvellous contrast against light coloured walls, not to mention, it works wonderfully with neutral hues. If you are looking for a more rustic and natural feel, this radiator is perfect for you. 

Available in over 15 sizes, the Klon vertical radiator works well in both compact spaces and large walls alike. With its uncanny ability to become the centre of attention in any room, the Klon radiator is one of the best traditional radiator alternatives that you could invest in today.

2. Aeon Bamboo Radiator

If you wish to make your room look spacious and bright then the Reina Pienza Radiator is perfect to achieve just that. Manufactured using the latest technology, this radiator comes with a brilliantly shiny chrome finish that features a mirror-like surface. 

It's a highly durable model with a 5 year warranty, not to mention that it comes with a dual fuel feature that’s available in multiple sizes. Its efficiency and cost-saving performance make it the ideal choice for any home. 

Built with solid mild steel, the Reina Pienza Radiator offers longevity along with peak heat output. If you already have a central heating system, this unit will fit right in to offer a comfortable temperature distributed evenly throughout your room.

metallic Reina Pienza traditional Radiator
Aeon Maze Stainless Steel traditional Radiator

3.  Aeon Maze Stainless Steel Radiator

If you are a fan of clean-cut sleek lines, then Aeon’s Maze stainless steel radiator is the best alternative to your traditional heating system. Its maze-like geometric patterns offer a sophisticated and contemporary appeal to your home without compromising on the heat output. 

This wall-mounted vertical designer radiator is an exquisite amalgamation of premium quality and ultra-modern, chic appeal. The Aeon Maze model can either be a fantastic addition to your modern home interior, or it could act as an excellent focal point in any room. 

You can choose from brushed and polished stainless steel finishes available in 2 sizes to compliment your home. With a 20 year warranty, the Aeon Maze Radiator is quite a steal at an affordable price. All you have to do is to ensure that you’ve positioned it properly to benefit from its impressive heat output.

4. DQ Bench Radiator

If you wish to optimise the available space without compromising on your comfort, then this Bench Radiator is a great choice. If you wish to integrate something that’s unique and rare in homes, then this unit is ideal.

With a wooden bench installed on top with vintage modern bars situated underneath, the DQ bench radiator is a great place to sit and dry off after a soothing bath or a long walk on a rainy day. 

Perfect to install in bathrooms, hallways, conservatories, porches, cloakrooms and locker rooms, this modern radiator from DQ doubles up as a bench that you can sit on comfortably.

Choose from a range of standard colours along with rainbow shades to add a pop of colour to your home. This model comes with a 5 year guarantee meaning it’s not only a great investment but also a fantastic addition to your home decor.

DQ Bench Mild Steel traditional bench Radiator below coat rack
honeycomb stainless steel traditional radiator

5. Aeon Honeycomb Stainless Steel Radiator

Building up on your love for geometric patterns, the hexagonal Honeycomb radiator from Aeon lends a rather fun and cheerful ambience to your home. The amazingly unique honeycomb pattern stands as a regal, attractive feature on any wall that it's mounted upon. 

Constructed from robust stainless steel material, this model is fueled using hot water supply and works well with both open and closed heating systems. Its proficiency in radiating remarkable BTU levels allows for an easy warming up of the ambient space around it.

Made entirely of high intensity conductive stainless steel, this Aeon radiator is highly durable and efficient. It’s produced keeping the EN422 harmonised European standard in mind. Additionally, this product comes with a 20 year warranty which means its ideal as a long term investment.

Choose Designer Alternatives for Your Traditional Radiator Today!

Depending on your interior design and home aesthetics, choose a radiator that matches your style. If making a style statement is high on your list, choose a bespoke radiator unit that really stands out. 

At The Radiator Factory, we offer heating systems available in a variety of finishes and colours, meaning they are bespoke and unique to you. For a more contemporary look, we offer curved bay window radiators that elevate your home decor tenfold.

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