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4 Essential Radiator Safety Tips

4 Essential Radiator Safety Tips

Radiators can be a super stylish heating solution, that is if you know where to look. With their designer variants and the presence of innumerable radiator brands, these heating systems are a great addition to your home.

Whether it is a towel rail for your bathroom, an Aeon radiator for your living space, or a compact bay window radiator, making sure that your heating system is in its best condition is essential for offering great functionality with amazing comfort and effectiveness.

However, making sure your radiator is performing safely is a priority too; by checking on your radiator regularly, you can ensure that it is well maintained.

A neglected radiator can prove to be hazardous which is why regular check-ups are essential. If you’re looking for radiator safety tips to get started with your radiator maintenance, we have a solution for you.

At The Radiator Factory, we have put together a list of radiator safety tips that are sure to help you keep your radiator safe and functional.Let’s take a look!

designer DQ Vertical radiator

1. Bleed the Radiator

Most of the heating systems, including standard and designer radiators, are used only during the colder months. While this is mostly dependent on your home’s location, it is very likely that you won’t be using your radiator throughout the whole year.

With this in mind, for quick and effective heating during the colder months, bleeding your radiator is essential. By bleeding your heating system, you let out the air trapped inside the radiator which would otherwise stop the circulation of the warm air.

This is an important step as the trapped air makes the radiator cold at the top but warm at the bottom. Not only will this cause a spike in your energy bills, but your radiator won’t be able to effectively heat the room and may get damaged. Moreover, this trapped air can also lead to a noisy radiator that can cause disturbances, meaning bleeding a radiator is essential for the smooth functioning of your heating system.

While your radiator may be in great condition, bleeding it at least once a year is a smart and safe choice.

2. Keep It Unobstructed

It is generally advisable to keep your radiator obstruction-free so that the radiated heat can effectively spread across the room. This radiator safety tip is essential for both the safety and effective heating of your living space.

By having furniture or other decor elements in front of your radiator, there’s a high possibility that the obstruction may overheat and result in a fire hazard. Keeping your radiator obstruction-free allows the system to work efficiently and safely.

Moreover, with the various bespoke radiator variants such as Ultraheat’s Klon Vertical or Aeon’s Labren Stainless Steel, you need not place your radiator in the corner of the room anymore as these stunning radiators are sure to elevate your home’s aesthetics.

aeon's labren stainless steel radiator
CLASSICE electric radiator

3. Handle Electric Radiators Carefully

Electric radiators need to be handled with more care when compared to plumbed radiators; since they heat up quickly, they can be hot to touch if handled incorrectly.

Moreover, they need to be kept away from flammable surfaces and be turned off when not in use. With their quick heating, they may turn into fire hazards, meaning it is essential for you to take care whilst using an electric radiator.

Additionally, much like other radiators, keep your electric radiators obstruction-free and avoid hanging any personal belongings near them.

4. Have Regular Check-Ups

Regular check-up and maintenance are essential for every type of radiator. From electric to plumbed systems, maintenance ensures the efficiency and safety of your heating system.

Whether you’re doing it yourself or through a heating specialist, giving your radiator attention from time to time can help you spot damages that need to be fixed beforehand. After all, identifying potential problems in advance is always better.

Since a radiator helps keep your living space warm and comfortable, maintaining it and following all the essential radiator safety tips can ensure that your radiator is in good condition and is dispersing heat effectively.

Contact The Radiator Factory For Bespoke Radiators And Safety Tips

Since every radiator is subject to wear and tear, getting them checked regularly can be beneficial for you. Making radiator safety a priority can help you keep your heating system in the best condition.

At The Radiator Factory, along with the supply of bespoke designer radiators and branded radiators, we offer heating advice and tips so that you can fit your radiator seamlessly in your home.

To install a bespoke radiator in your home, get in touch with us at 0116 260 9257.

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