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Washroom revolution

With the rise of heating technology one important innovation is overlooked by many, no not the sunken lights or the infrared tap control but the heated towel rails. Any one who remembers bath time without them can surely relate to the occasions when using a cold damp towel was a matter of course. Heated rails have not only brought a greater amount of comfort to the towel user but also fulfil an additional important function, they also heat the room. Bathroom heating has always been treated with a certain amount of caution due to the health and safety considerations regarding water and electric. The heated rails of today are the epitome of safety and the advanced earthing techniques make them the most popular bathroom appliance anywhere. We strongly advise you to seek installation advice from a qualified electrician, the pitfalls and potential ramifications of an incorrect installation are too numerous to mention. Along with our radiators we specialise in heated towel rails, we have a style to suit everyone and a design that compliments any existing bathroom suite; they are particularly popular with ladies, babies and children for obvious reasons, bathtime was never so much fun! Take your time to browse our extensive collection; we are sure you will find something to suit. If you have any questions, specifically regarding heated rails, please do hesitate to contact us either by telephone or e-mail.

Towel rails
As previously mentioned the thing that is overlooked in many bathroom design budgets is the almost essential need for the heated rail. Although they are not particularly expensive, they do need to be planned for and incorporated into the floor space design. There are many sizes available and if you have an extensive bathroom or a number of bathrooms you may consider contacting our trade team for details regarding the minimum quantity required to qualify for a discount. If you are in charge of procuring the heating systems for an educational establishment or commercial premises you should certainly weigh your considerations carefully, many swimming pools and public baths spend a great deal of money drying their wet towels every day when the problem could be halved with the utilisation of a number of well designed towel rails, not only would this save money in the long run it would also positively impact on the environment. If you require any trade related information or require an obligation free quote for your commercial premises please do not hesitate to contact us, our business to business team are highly competent regarding the tendering process for bigger organisations and the public sector and would welcome your enquiry. This service is not only offered for our range of heated rails but also our entire product range, many of our clients retain our services year after year, bookmark this page and find out why.

Warm towels
There is nothing quite as luxurious as a warm towel, it certainly rivals the mug of Cocoa in the comfort stakes and can aid a good nights sleep even more. All the renowned Health Clubs and Spa’s realise this and budget carefully for the provision of towel rails as they know their clients will settle for nothing but the best. They are also utilised by the cream of 5 star hotels the world over, they not only provide that touch of luxury but also provide the impetus for the guest to reuse the towel instead of dumping them on the floor for an exchange. A common trait within the hotel and hospitality industry is to encourage guests to reuse their towels but not provide the towel rails in order for the guest to comfortably do this. We also try whenever possible to encourage our corporate clients to invest in this environmentally friendly product but due to the nature of the hotel industry and its fast guest turnover it is hard for them to find the window of opportunity to accommodate this minor installation. If you would like to find out more about our environmentally friendly products please contact us via our website, an e-mail is usually a much quicker way to receive an answer to your non technical enquiries, if you do not have access to a computer at the present time please make a note of either our postal address or telephone number.

The right supplier
As you have probably seen in numerous publications the importance of getting the correct supplier is of paramount importance. Anyone can sell a certain product but if it is not accompanied by the correct advice it is not in our view a responsible sale. At the Radiator Factory you will get all the advice appertaining to your purchase before you pass over your credit card details, we think this is essential and cuts down on unnecessary aftersales advice. Each appliance comes with full instructions as well as a towel rails installation overview and although we do recommend that you seek the services of a qualified engineer we do realise that a number of people are capable of implementing a system themselves if equipped with the right knowledge. Obviously with any electrical appliance the quality must be guaranteed, please do not confuse our items with the mass produced items you see on sale in the high street, these are very cheap and very cheap for a reason, they are sometimes not as carefully constructed or safety checked as they could be. Safety is at the forefront of all our business and to gain a Radiator Factory seal of approval must undergo a series of vigorous quality control checks, we don’t just take the manufacturers word for it, we also check ourselves. Towel rails are not just our business but also our passion and we challenge you to find a more comprehensive, customer friendly or committed service anywhere.

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