Ultraheat Radiators

Some of our simplest, yet most effective designer radiators, Ultraheat Heating systems not only date back to classic horizontal flat panel units but also incorporate a whole range of new and stylish designs.

The Ultraheat designer radiators available at The Radiator Factory offer effective heating, diverse shapes and sizes and more importantly, value for money. What’s more, these are available in versatile designs, meaning you can choose units that complement your home’s interiors.

With an array of designer Ultraheat radiators available on our website (in various sizes and finishes), these units are sure to offer the necessary warmth, comfort and cosiness you wish to achieve in your home!

Browse our collection of Ultraheat radiators and order one for your home today.

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Ultraheat Radiators

Although the UK is looking forward to at least a couple of months of good weather with summer approaching fast, it’s always good practice to plan ahead for the cooler seasons. In fact, probably the best time to make sure you have an efficient heating system with heaters that work effectively is during the warmer periods. Whether you are having a completely new central heating system installed in your home or you’re only looking for quality heaters to be fitted in your house, get in touch with Radiator Factory today. Although we only provide linear radiators or other designs and not the whole system, why not choose our eye catching heat providers to be installed by your chosen plumbing company? All our unique heating units not only look good, but they have the kind of heat output you’d expect from one of the leaders in this industry. Take your time looking at our website for the variety of unusually designed house warmers that we have on display; you’re bound to be impressed. Not only do we supply heaters that will be the envy of any guests that have come around to your place, but we also have a huge selection of accessories that will go nicely with trojan radiators or other styles. If you do have any queries regarding any of our products or services, please take a look at our FAQ’s page. Alternatively you can either send us an email or speak to one of our expert staff directly on the phone.

Technical Support

For those of you who have an idea about which design of our well sought after house heaters you would like to purchase, but need a bit of help with the technical side of things, have no fear. One of the services which we provide that makes us a leader in this market is our convenient online technical and web support form. Please take a look at our easy to navigate website for the relevant page. We will help you decide on which particular classic or modern looking radiator would be most suitable for your home. If you are a bit confused about whether ultraheat radiators or another type would be the most appropriate for your bathroom, speak to one of our technical consultants. Once you have made up your mind on the heater you’re going to go for, give our professional and efficient sales team a call. Purchasing tubular designs may be just what you’re looking for to compliment your particular tastes in home interior design. Matching the products you purchase from us is very important, but also making sure you have enough heating units to give off sufficient heat for a particularly large room in your house, is crucial. The poplar radiators that we provide are basically very unique towel heaters, which are quite capable of complimenting a huge range of designer heating units we have on offer. Why wait any longer? Give us a call today and place your first order for luxurious house warming products.

Linear Radiators

We all have our own ideas of how we would like the interior of our homes to look like. Some of us are into a Victorian setting, making sure every item that we have installed in our place of residence is suited to this particular period in time. For the homeowner who is more into a contemporary theme, choosing the linear range of our competitively priced heaters would be an excellent choice. These modern marvels of the heating world are more suited to any kitchen or bathroom that requires a sleek looking model of radiator, fitting in well with a contemporary styled room. The ultraheat radiators which we supply are also uniquely designed, guaranteeing your visiting friends or family will be impressed by your choice. Shopping for products online can sometimes be a bit risky, especially if the company you decide to buy panel heating units from are not that well established. Deciding to get your fashionable period or up to date models from us will be a very safe and secure transaction. The payment system which we use for online purchases is one of the most secure internet options available in this day and age. Our collection of accessories vary from towel rails to valves. The trojan radiators that we can either deliver or you can collect already come with towel hooks which make these models of heaters very convenient. Why not make your home a place where people won’t want to leave when they visit? Call us today.

Poplar Radiators

These unusual designs of heated towel rails would look fantastic in a bathroom fitted in a modern fashion. The flat bars design of this extremely popular heater makes this product quite eye catching, no matter how often you see it. Of course not only is it appealing to the eye but it serves a very practical purpose for your home. If you have a large family with one bathroom, the amount of heated bars on this quality product, will keep yours and all the kids towels warm for the day. For those of you who have just moved into a new home and are looking to get ultraheat radiators as quickly as possible, have faith in us. Once you’ve gone through the fast process of ordering your winter warmers, you won’t have to wait around too long for your value for money items to turn up. Our team of experienced and reliable delivery drivers will have your purchases on your doorstep in just a matter of days. Please refer to the delivery times which can be viewed on our related web page. All our house warming items are packed by a team of expert packers, ensuring that none of your goods get damaged in transit. If you do find a fault with any of the linear radiators or other products that you purchased from us, please give us a call immediately. Our friendly customer care staff will make sure you either get a full refund or receive a replacement as quickly as possible.

Domestic or Trade

Whether you are the new proud owners of a flat that requires quality heating units or you are in the radiator trade looking to increase your choice of goods, we’re sure we can satisfy your needs. As a company that’s been going for many years now, we fully understand the necessity to diversify and offer your customers something new from time to time. Choosing to purchase from Radiator Factory to expand the amount of variety you can give your consumers, will be a very wise business move. Whether you would like us to deliver your order of ultraheat radiators or you would prefer to send your driver to our warehouse to pick up the goods, the choice is yours. For those of you who would like to collect our central heating essentials, please take a look on our website for a comprehensive map of where we are. Our premises are located in an area which is quite straight forward to find, but if you do need a bit more information, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Our friendly and courteous staff looks forward to welcoming our customers who require quality heating units for their home or clients that are in the trade. We have already increased our customer base at a rate we never expected of both domestic customers and radiator businesses. Why not join them and place an order for good looking and functional heating products today? We’re waiting for your call.

Trojan Radiators

As we are a fairly large company operating in this field, we can afford to keep the costs of our quality winter warmers at very competitive prices. The trojan design of heaters that we supply are not only very unique in terms of design, they also come at a difficult to beat price. In fact, this model is just one example of the many offers we provide on a regular basis. Take a look at our website for some more fantastic deals that we are happy to offer all our customers. As there are so many companies operating in this industry, there is bound to be the odd time when an ultraheat radiators or other design supplier is asking for a lower price. If there are any of our customers that do find any of the superb products we provide at a cheaper price than we do, please inform us. Our pricing team will do everything possible to at least match the quote you’ve been given. As well as selling great looking period heaters and many other designs at reasonable prices, we are famous for our superior service. We would like to say that we welcome any feedback you would like to give us on any of our products or customer service. Although we are a very reputable company providing poplar radiators and a selection of accessories, there is always room for improvement with any business. Life is all about making the right choices; choose one of the best radiator suppliers today.

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