Flat panel radiator benefits; all white horizontal radiator placed below an art piece

5 Benefits of Flat Panel Radiators

5 Benefits of Flat Panel Radiators

Homeowners are becoming increasingly conscious about their carbon footprint and its impact on the environment. This has encouraged them to not only adopt a greener lifestyle but also switch to more eco friendly heating systems, like flat panel radiators.

Not only do these heating systems distribute radiant and convection heat throughout your home, but also work efficiently at a lower temperature. This means you get to save money on your heating bills.

Apart from being efficient, there are various other flat panel radiator benefits that you can reap by installing this nifty heating system.

That said, our heating specialists at The Radiator Factory have put together the top five benefits of flat panel radiators and why you should install them in your home.

Before that, let’s understand a bit more about these practical and stylish designer radiators.

Understanding Flat Panel Radiators

A designer radiator connoisseur’s radiator of choice, flat panel models are made using thin metal in either vertical or horizontal design which further doubles up as a tank.

Since these radiators boast a sleek design and quiet performance, they’re not only pleasant to look at but also an amazing way to heat up your room.

At The Radiator Factory, we offer an affordable range of flat panel radiators that effectively warm your room while also complementing your home decor aesthetics. What’s more, these are extremely light in weight as compared to their steel and aluminium counterparts, meaning radiator positioning becomes easier.

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Flat Panel Radiator Benefits – Why You Should Install This Model?

Here are our top five advantages of installing a flat panel radiator in your home.

Flat panel radiator benefits; stainless steel flat radiator placed next to an open shelf

1. Versatile Design

Irrespective of the size and shape of your room, you can find a flat panel radiator to suit you.

Since these heating systems come with a narrow design and minimalist look, they can be easily installed in any nook or corner of your home. All that’s required is finding the right choice of radiator that meets all your heating needs.

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2. Stylish Appeal

Boasting a simple and sleek design, our range of best flat panel radiators help add a touch of minimalist appeal in any room; you can use them as a designer alternative for some of your home decor fixtures too.

For instance, our Picchio double vertical flat panel radiator comes in a striking finish and can serve as an accent wall, drawing the eyes of your guests.

The best part about these heating systems is that they offer a clean, contemporary look to your room making them suitable for almost every environment.

Brownish flat panel radiator installed on a pink wall
Flat panel radiator benefits; stainless steel flat radiator placed on a narrow wall

3. Compact Design

Since these designer radiators are thin and sleek, they can fit snugly against a supporting wall. The best part is that you can install them in crowded rooms like your bathroom or kitchen for optimal warmth.

At The Radiator Factory, our bespoke flat panel radiators help you save space in your room – thanks to their slim, sleek and compact lines. What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether your walls are small but curved or flat and long, it’s a breeze to install this system in your home.

To find out more about how you can enhance your home’s aesthetic with these radiators, read our blog.

4. Energy Efficient

For every homeowner taking the leap to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, installation of flat panel radiators can be the best place to start.

Smaller in size when compared to their cast iron counterparts, these heating systems boast a flat, modern design which smartly exchanges heat at an optimum level. Additionally, since these function efficiently at lower temperatures, you can save a significant amount on your energy bills.

The slender design is one of the key flat panel radiator benefits everyone looks for and that’s what makes this heating unit a perfect addition to any home. What’s more, it doesn’t compromise on the heating efficiency and output either.

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Slim aluminium flat panel radiator used an accent wall
Flat panel radiator benefits; blackish grey designer radiator placed on an accent wall

5. Dual Purpose

Given that the low profile of these heating units can help improve your room’s overall aesthetic appeal, flat panel radiators can be used as a modern furniture or a piece of art in your home.

These radiators come with a fine and narrow body, which means they’re perfect for hanging on walls to hide those bracket systems. Moreover, they have the potential to make any commercial or personal space look great – thanks to the extensive range of sizes and designs they’re available in.

Order Your Flat Panel Radiators From The Radiator Factory Today!

Regardless of the space available in your home, flat panel radiators make for an excellent choice; they’re an ideal option especially when you’re looking to swap your traditional radiators.

Equipped with modern technology that enables them to generate sufficient heat without eating up your space or increasing your energy bills, you can never go wrong with the flat panel radiators available at The Radiator Factory.

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