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Aluminum Designer Radiators – What Makes Them An Eco-Friendly Option?

Aluminium Designer Radiators – What Makes Them An Eco-Friendly Option?

Many designer radiators in the UK are made of mild steel.

Over the past few years, however, there has been a rise in designs made from aluminium and stainless steel.

Here, the former material is specifically interesting since it offers the homeowners the potential to save more energy – the reason being that aluminium is extremely efficient at conducting heat. What’s more, the thermal conductivity of this material is 4-5 times more effective than that of mild steel.

This is one of the primary reasons why aluminium radiators are all the rage amongst homeowners.If you’re still not sure whether this heating system makes for an eco-friendly option, we’ve put together the top 4 reasons why you should purchase an aluminium radiator for your home.

Let’s take a look!

Why Choose Aluminium Designer Radiators for Your Home?

Aluminium radiators have the ability to transfer heat from water to air in your room at a faster rate than heating units made from other materials. This means, these radiators not only use less energy to heat your home but also respond quickly to the changes in your heating requirements.

While the energy you could save using this system may vary based on your location and consumption, it is estimated that an average home can save nearly 5-10% off their annual energy bills.

Apart from this, there are several other features of aluminium radiators that make it an eco-friendly option. These include:

1. Incredibly Lightweight

One of the biggest features that make aluminium designer radiators so appealing and eco-friendly is that it’s amazingly lightweight. This will work great for you if you wish to install the system into your home yourself. This way, you save money on both installation and maintenance costs.

Since this radiator can be installed and moved around easily, it eliminates incurring hefty transportation costs – further helping you reduce your impact on the environment.

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eco-friendly light weight aluminium designer radiator

2. Quickly Heats Your Room

Since aluminium is known to be highly conductive, its atoms heat up at a faster rate. This is what makes designer radiators made from aluminium the perfect choice for rooms that require short bursts of heat.

As aluminium is a good conductor of heat, it not only requires less energy to heat your room but also helps lower your heating bills.

Less water, less energy and reduced energy bills – isn’t this reason enough for you to purchase and install an aluminium radiator at home?

3. Highly Flexible and Durable

Another reason why designer aluminium radiators are eco-friendly is that they’re highly flexible not to mention, durable as well. This is primarily because aluminium is hard wearing and can last for a longer period of time without oxidising or rusting.

This means you won’t have to worry about constantly checking your heating system for rust build up.

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Collection of eco-friendly aluminium designer radiators

4. Easy to Recycle

Yes, aluminium radiators are by far the best when it comes to recycling!

From a dustbin lid to a can of coke, or even a brand new designer radiator, aluminium can be easily recycled and turned into something else. So why not do your bit for the environment and purchase this heating system to keep our planet clean and fresh?

Are Aluminium Designer Radiators An Ideal Choice for Your Home?

Designer radiators made from aluminium are an excellent way to add a modern touch to your home. They’re not only visually appealing and eco-friendly but also an easier and faster way to heat your property. Moreover, if you’re living in a self-contained room or a smaller home, then these make for an economical option.

In the end, however, choosing a radiator boils down to your individual preferences; not to mention your budget.

Designer Aluminium Radiators at Radiator Factory

We cannot list out enough good things that show why aluminium radiators make for an eco-friendly option – once installed, we highly doubt you’ll be able to either!

If you’ve made the decision to purchase this heating system, then our full range at The Radiator Factory will be able to help you the rest of the way.

From simple and elegant to sleek, ultra-modern designs, we’ve got an array of radiator brands and models for you to choose from. What’s more, the units we offer fit every taste and budget; you’re sure to find a heating solution that’s perfect for your home.

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