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DQ Heating – Everything You Need to Know

DQ Heating – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking for heating systems that deliver great functionality while also serving as a great addition to your home, designer radiators are the way to go!

That said, when it comes to heating, installing designer radiators is popular amongst homeowners, and rightfully so. Since these heating systems are tailor-made with various customisations, they deliver comfort and warmth while also being aesthetically appealing.

DQ Heating is one of the biggest brands that supply bespoke luxury radiators. At the Radiator Factory, our collection of custom DQ heating consists of designer models that are effortlessly stylish and diligently meet all your heating requirements.

As one of the biggest manufacturers of radiators in the UK, DQ Heating has experience spanning over 20 years, making them one of the best in the field. Here’s everything you need to know about DQ Heating and its distinctive features!

DQ Heating radiators at Radiator Factory
dq Heating radiator orion towel warmer

Our Shared Ethos

As one of the leading brands of designer radiators, along with the supply of bespoke and robust radiators, DQ has always put emphasis on providing great customer service. At The Radiator Factory, our shared ethos of excellent customer service allows us to deliver expertise and advice to help you find a suitable radiator for your home or workplace.

Be it installation advice about the DQ Orion Towel Radiator or finding the right budget-friendly stainless steel radiator, we’re here to help you find what you’re looking for.

Our attention to detail allows us to cater to every customer's needs, meaning, by choosing The Radiator Factory you can trust us to provide you with excellent products and service.

Why Choose The Radiator Factory for DQ Heating Solutions?

If you’re a UK-based home or business owner looking to establish and maintain comfortable temperatures in your respective spaces, DQ Heating might be just the thing for you.These designer radiators meet all your heating needs; with no embellishments and a minimalist sleek design, DQ brand radiators offer you functionality and aesthetics like no other. To persuade you even further, here are a few benefits of installing DQ Heating in your home:

1. Versatile Heating Solutions

Radiators can make a huge difference in maintaining a comfortable temperature – especially during winter.

That said, by using DQ’s Dune Stainless Steel Radiator, you can make sure your home or office is warm and cosy at all times. Moreover, based on your available space, you can fit a suitable radiator that matches your heating requirements.

The Cove Radiator is available in a range of sizes, meaning it can be installed in smaller and compact areas. Similarly, the RT Vertical radiator can fit in the narrower spaces of your home or workplace.

This makes DQ Radiators incredibly versatile heating solutions that warm up the intended space effectively. 

DQ Heating Radiator RT with Vertical pannels
dq Heating radiator orion towel warmer

2. Bespoke Radiators That Meet All Your Needs

To cater to all heating and spacing requirements, The Radiator Factory offers a bespoke collection of DQ branded radiators.

From the Metro Towel Rail to the Axis Vertical, you can find a radiator that fits your budget and heating needs. Moreover, certain models like the Cove Mirrored Radiator are available in different sizes, allowing you to select a model that better fits your spacing requirements.

At The Radiator Factory, we provide installation guidelines with excellent customer service to help make the process easier for you. Check our website for more information on designer radiators.

3. Budget-Friendly Options

As the cost of upkeep and maintenance keeps on rising, having budget-friendly options makes things easier on your pocket.From heated towel rails for your bathroom to sleek designer radiators for your living space, we have many budget-friendly options available for you. Moreover, while helping you save on costs, DQ radiators also serve as a sustainable heating option for your home.

Additionally, thanks to our wholesale arrangements we provide heating solutions at low prices which allows us to help you select a cost-effective radiator for your home.

4. Excellent Customer Service

Our hard work and quality service make us a top radiator supplier in the UK. We maintain this bespoke service with all our customers to help them find the radiator that fits their requirements.

While providing them with pocket-friendly radiator options, we also strive to put our best foot forward with our excellent customer service. From advice on choosing the right radiator to handy installation tips, we ensure that you get the best support possible.

Get in touch with us to find the perfect radiator for you.

DQ Heating Radiators and other brands at Radiator Factory

Order Designer DQ Radiators from The Radiator Factory

DQ Radiators are an excellent choice for functional and stylish radiators as they provide great heating without compromising on aesthetics.Check out our selection of DQ radiators for a bespoke yet budget-friendly designer radiator for your modern home.

We also offer an extensive range of designer radiators from other brands, make sure to check them out.

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