Designer Radiator Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Designer Radiator Trends

To Look Out For In 2021

When it comes to your home, there are so many different elements to consider to create the perfect design aesthetic. Personalising your living space to reflect who you are will ultimately make your home far more comfortable and familiar.

One important element that every home needs is heating. Radiators are part of almost every home’s heating system and with the development of newer styles and designs for radiators, why settle for old, ugly and outdated designs?

By upgrading your look to include designer radiators, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home and make your living space more elegant, stylish and homely. With this in mind, The Radiator Factory have put together the latest designer radiator trends to watch out for in 2021.

Let’s take a look!


1. Classy Column Radiators

Sporting a minimalistic look, column radiators serve as the perfect addition of class and functionality in your living space. Depending on your preferences, you can install these radiators according to the available space in your home.

Vertical, horizontal, multicolumn mirror and spa towel are just a few types of column radiator that can suit every modern home. Due to the extensive range of variety available, these designer radiators are a popular choice amongst homeowners.

Furthermore, their compact design allows you to fit them effortlessly in almost any part of your home, without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of your interiors.

2. Flat Panel Radiators

A perfect choice for contemporary homes, flat panel radiators are simple and elegant. Their efficient design and minimalist look makes them an increasingly popular choice in domestic settings.

As they are sleeker and more efficient than their older counterparts, these designer radiators work as a great alternative to traditional bulky versions. Moreover, not only are they cleverly designed but are also pocket-friendly and energy-efficient. 

At the Radiator Factory, we house a wide range of flat panel radiators to suit every style of home. To find out more, check out our full range and find the right radiator for your home.

3. Modernistic Stainless Steel Radiators

If you’re looking for something modern and impactful for your home, a stainless steel radiator is the way to go. Thanks to its sleek and contemporary appearance, stainless steel radiators are a timeless designer radiator choice.

Additionally, these designer radiators are strong and durable, lasting longer and immune to corrosion and discolouration. Maintaining them is also considerably easier as minor scratches and dirt can be removed with a cloth.

What’s more, there are different styles and customisations available to choose from for your home. This makes them one of the best designer radiator choices on the market.

4. Vintage Cast Iron Radiators

Based on your heating requirements, cast iron radiators come in various sizes and finishes to match the available space in your home. Their vintage design makes them a stylish statement as part of your home decor.

Cast iron radiators are designed in Edwardian and Victorian styles and suit all domestic spaces. They blend with all colour schemes and interiors and work great in terms of energy efficiency. Since cast iron is denser than materials like steel, these designer radiators can hold heat long after being switched off.

With the different designs available, cast iron radiators serve as a great addition to your home’s heating system.

Vasco Primula Low Level Designer Radiator

5. Compact Low Level Radiators

Saving space in your home is almost always a good idea, especially if you’re looking to create an open living space. If hassle-free spaces are something you require, investing in low level radiators will work great for you.

Perfect for those who prefer unique designs, these radiators are versatile and can be added in any awkward or empty space in unconventional home layouts. This makes them incredibly popular amongst homeowners.

What’s more, you can get creative and hang artworks above these radiators or paint them in a fun colour to better suit your house aesthetic.

Contact The Radiator Factory For Your Designer Radiators

If you’re looking to add the perfect finishing touches to your redesign, or simply looking for a radiator upgrade, you should be considering designer radiators.  

At the Radiator Factory, our wide array of designer radiators allows you to find the perfect radiator that suits your heating needs, without compromising on the aesthetics of your home.

Our expertise and quality products make us one of the best in the heating industry.

Check out our full range here, or for a bespoke quote get in touch with us at 0116 260 9257.

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