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The Top 4 Accessories To Upgrade Your Radiator

The Top 4 Accessories To Upgrade Your Radiator

Designer radiators are often amongst the best heating options for your home; with their modern style and the option of several branded variants, this bespoke heating system is a great addition to every living space. 

From towel rails to Ultraheat radiators, these stunning heating solutions are a popular choice over their standard, traditional alternatives, especially in terms of aesthetics and efficiency. However, these heating systems can be upgraded through the addition of bespoke radiator accessories to provide better performance and heating. 

With this in mind, if your radiator is due for an upgrade but you don’t know where to start, we have a solution for you.

At The Radiator Factory, along with supplying bespoke radiators, we also have a collection of some of the best radiator accessories. We have put together a list of our top 4 accessories that you could consider for your radiator upgrade.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Brown Thermostatic Valves from The Radiator Factory

1. Valves

When it comes to radiator accessories, valves are perhaps one of the most important additions to your radiator.  The main function of a valve is to divert the water that is pumping in your home's central heating system to the different areas that need to be heated.

Since the hot water is directed to your radiator or hot water cylinder, the valve becomes an important part in the efficient heating and distribution of heat. 

Additionally, if you’re under the impression that a valve is a bulky piece of hardware that might look out of place, you might rethink that after checking our classy collection of radiator valves at The Radiator Factory – from the Danfoss Central Valve to the Hilton Thermostatic Valve, we have many options available for you to choose from.

2. Towel Holders

Serving as one of the most popular radiator accessories in the UK, towel holders are a great addition to your radiator that further enhances the functionality of your heating system. While towel rails for bathrooms usually come with a holder, you can use this accessory for extra storage space.

From sleek towel bars to towel hooks, these accessories are compact and allow you to make the most of your designer radiator by providing additional storage space. While many towel rails like the DQ Elveden or the Ultraheat Windsor come with towel holders that provide ample storage space, these holders serve as a good alternative.

Moreover, you can use the holder for the other radiators in your home; it can be used as column radiator accessories or a flat panel radiator accessory, meaning it is a versatile addition that is sure to upgrade your radiator.

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Sleeving kits, best radiator accessories

3. Sleeving Kits

If you wish to maintain the aesthetics of your designer radiator without having any plumb work on display, sleeve kits are your best bet.

Designed to fit over your existing plumbing, sleeving kits are modern and sleek solutions that serve to enhance the appeal of your radiator. While a radiator installation may leave behind exposed pipes, with a sleeving kit, you can enhance your system without having to spend too much money on concealing it.

Whether it is sleeving kits for electrical elements or pipe kits, these radiator accessories serve as a good investment in upgrading your existing radiator.

4. Thermostatic Heating Elements

A heating element is a compact device that you place inside your radiator which allows it to radiate heat without using up electricity. This means that through this device, your radiator can heat independently.

Since radiators are used mostly during the colder seasons, there’s a high chance that you may rarely require heating across all rooms during the other months. By having a thermostatic heating element, your radiator becomes independent which means you can enjoy the radiated heat without having to turn on the heating for the entire house.

At The Radiator Factory, our Meg 1 Thermostatic heating element and the MOA Thermostatic heating element are bespoke choices that you could consider for accessorising your radiator with.

Thermostatic heating elements, best radiator accessories

Contact The Radiator Factory For Bespoke Radiator Accessories

Along with supplying stylish designer radiators from world-class brands, at The Radiator Factory, we also supply quality radiator accessories.

From bespoke valves and towel holders to sleeving kits and heating elements – we have it all!

You can give us a call to book an appointment at our showroom or visit our site to order the best radiator accessories today.

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